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EP1305ECM1 Hawk M1 Tubeless Lapel Microphone - Replacement Kit– Now Available with NAB Option!

$57.95 $69.99

This is a replacement wire kit only (top portion), adapter is NOT included.

The Hawk M1 features the Micro Sound Tubeless Earpiece for unobstructed sound and no tube maintenance. The new “Easy-Swivel” speaker rotates 180˚ for left or right side. New “Simple-Release” makes speaker replacements easy and you also have the option to switch between black and clear. The kit is concealable, lightweight and comes complete with your choice of Small, Medium & Large Fin Ultra™ Ambi eartip for all day comfort and ambidextrous fit for a higher level of situational awareness. NEW!! Now you have the option of adding a NAB Sound Blocking Earbud for high noise environments (NAB kits include 1 Medium Fin Ultra Ambi + 1 NAB Earbud).

Most radio makes and models feature EC “Easy-Connect” features on target visual alignment that improves the ease of connection to the radio, reducing wear & tear on the connector.

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