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EP1069SCBTST Fox Black Diamond Tactical ST Listen Only Short Tube Earpiece 2.5mm

$36.99 $42.99

Prevent bad guys from hearing what could turn the situation against you. Crystal clear sound is directed to your ear only so that you can hear it, but the bad guys can’t.

The Fox ST Short Tube Listen Only Earpiece is concealable, lightweight and comes complete with the new Ambi Fin Ultra™ eartip for all day comfort, an ambidextrous fit and enhanced acoustical engineering for a higher level of situational awareness. The Fox ST with short tube is designed with a threaded tube release to reduce moisture build-up in hot & humid climates. The shorter clear tube helps to prevent tube blockage.


  • Privately listen to your radio and still hear your surrounding environment.
  • Acoustic tube is attached to a high quality speaker that connects discreetly below your shirt collar.
  • Short Tube with threaded tube release for easy maintenance in humid climates.