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PE35S Earphone Kit 3.5MM

$33.95 $41.95

The PE35S: Complete Patrol Earpiece kit includes:

  • Patrol Earpiece: Cable lock transducer, 360 degree rotating clip, Customizable Hypoallergenic clear acoustic tube
  • Left & Right Medium Ear Molds: Ambient noise flow design, Hypoallergenic - Custom Option
  • 2 Ear Buds: Soft medical grade Silicone, Suppresses ambient noise
  • Clear Acoustic Tube: Hypoallergenic & Customizable - Custom Option
  • 3.5mm Connector - Direct to Speaker Mic
  • IPX4 - Weather & Dust Resistant
  • 360 Warranty Protection: Protection against internal malfunctions(1.5 Years) - Protection against Accidental Damage(6 Months) - Protection against Radio & Agency Change(6 Months) Optional Warranty Extension Available 

Benefits: Works with speaker microphone, Made completely with Hypoallergenic materials, No radio programming required, Will not disable Emergency Button, Includes all needed parts, Free Technical Support, Kevlar reinforced Polyurethane cabling, Anti-fray coating.