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JH-SM108-K1 Pro Series Speaker Microphone w/ 3.5mm Earphone Jack

$43.99 $49.99

The TAPaulk™ JH-SM108 speaker mic is built tough to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. Crystal clear audio, standard 3.5mm accessory jack, Kevlar™ re-enforced coil cabling and dust, water, vibration and wind resistant. The ultimate OEM alternative at great savings!

Comparable to much higher brand models, the TAPaulk™ JH-SM108 is a great choice for professional users!

Add a 3.5mm listen only earpiece for the ultimate accessory solution in high noise and privacy demanding environments!

Product Specs

  • Professional grade
  • Heavy duty Kevlar™ coiled 5.5 PU cable
  • Super tough polycarbonate casing
  • Impact, dust & water resistant
  • Standard 3.5mm accessory jack
  • Rotational, replaceable slide-on clothing clip
  • Submersible to IP54
  • 1 year warranty. View our Warranty Policy.

Microphone Specs

Type: Electret™ microphone
Microphone size: 6.0*2.7mm
Frequency response: 20-16000 HZ
Sensitivity: -40dB± 2dB
Impedance: 2.2K Ω

Speaker Specs

Speaker size: 45mm
Sound pressure level: 94dB ±3dB
Impedance: 8 Ω ± 15%
Audio output :2W

Replaces and/or Equivalent to OEM P/N: HM158L, HM159SC, KMC-45, KMC-41, HMN4101, HMN4103, HMN4104, HMN4112, HMN4113, HMN9026, HMN9051, HMN9051A, PMLN4008, PMLN4009, PMMN4008, PMMN4013, PMMN4013A, PMMN4021, PMMN4022, PMMN4023, PMMN4024, PMMN4025, PMMN4027, PMMN4029, PMMN4039, PMMN4040, PMMN4041, PMMN4042, PMMN4043, PMMN4044, PMMN4045, PMMN4045B, PMMN4046, PMMN4047, PMMN4048, PMMN4049, PMMN4050, PMMN4051, PMMN4051B, PMMN4059, PMMN4060, PMMN4061, PMMN4062, PMMN4065, PMMN4067, PMMN4069, PMMN4071, PMMN4073, PMMN4075, PMMN4076, PMMN4083,PMMN4084, NNTN8382, NNTN8383, NMN6191, NMN6191A, NMN6191B, NMN6191C, NMN6193, NMN6193A, NMN6193B, NMN6193C, NMN6228, NMN6243, NMN6244, NMN6247, NMN6250, NMN6251, NNTN8203, NNTN8203_BLK, NNTN8203_YLW, NNTN8235, NNTN8236, RMN5035, RMN5036, RMN5038, RMN5055A, RMN5066, RMN5067, RMN5072, RMN5073, RMN5074, RMN5075, RMN5076, RMN5088, RMN5089


Works with the following Kenwood radios:


TK Series: TK-180, TK-190, TK-280, TK-280, TK-285, TK-290, TK-380, TK-385, TK-390, TK-480, TK-481, TK-490, TK-981, TK-2140, TK-2180, TK-2260, TK-3140, TK-3148, TK-3180, TK-3212, TK-3260, TK-5210, TK-5220, TK-5310, TK-5320 TK-5400, TK-5410

NX Series: NX200, NX210, NX300, NX410