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AC/DC-6LC Impact Universal Rapid Six Bank Charger


Impact AC/DC-6LC Universal Rapid Six Bank Two-Way Radio Battery Charger. 

The AC/DC-6LC is a rapid rate, tri-chemistry universal rapid six bank charger fitted with a self switching (110/220V) wall cube power supply. Like all four IMPACT™ charger models, it utilizes our fully interchangeable adapter cup system. Cups are available for almost all brand portables.

Charge six different batteries with or without the two way radio attached! This cost effective charger is made with a super tough Polycarbonate casing. Space saving design with dual power source and compact, internal (not in-line) power supply allows you to charge your radios anywhere!

All our chargers have these features:

  • Charge battery with or without radio attached
  • Rapid rate, quad-chemistry charging
  • Wide range of adapter cups available
  • LED charging/charged indicator


  • Super tough Polycarbonate casing
  • 110/240V self switching power supply for international use
  • Minimal footprint for use in small spaces
  • AC cable included
  • DC cable can be ordered separately
  • 1 Year Warranty